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postal carrier

Mr. Walter Raugh, an early R.F.D. mail carrier for Bangor.


If you have pictures, photos, snap shots, postcards, slides, memorabilia, etc. of Bangor, MI, we would like you to share them with us. You can contact us at the Bangor Historical Society Museum, phone (269)427-0611.  We can also be reached at the P.O. Box below or email:

If you call or write, mention that you have items or information for the Bangor Historical Society and someone will direct you.  We answer all email inquiries within 48 hours.  Use the word "Bangor" for the subject in emails so they are easy to identify.  If you don't hear from us, check the address and try again. 

We do not necessarily want a donation of pictures.  We just want to copy or scan them on a computer.  This process takes only a few minutes and is harmless.  Pictures will be returned as soon as possible.  We have amassed an archive of over 4000 photos and nothing has been lost or damaged to the best of our knowledge.  Items are usually on the way back  to their rightful owners the same day.  Any costs on your behalf will be gladly reimbursed.  All we ask is that people who have a connection with Bangor take a little time to look through family items for things that may be of interest to the preservation of our community's history.  If time isn't taken to make this a success, history will suffer.  Please help us  produce a record of Bangor's past, and do something positive and interesting for our little community.


Bangor Historical Society

P.O. Box 25

Bangor, MI  49013