Unknown Bangor Family


The following photos are of families and individuals believed to have lived in Bangor.  There are a few clues as to who they are.  However, all are not identified.  The names below are only suggestions for identification. We hope someone will recognize these family pictures and help us put names to faces.  Any information can be emailed to  bob@bangormihistory.com .


The Family names below are a possible connection to that unknown photo.

Click on the Family Name.


John S. Cross Family Album Funk-Lafler
Palmer-Monroe-Crawford-Ewing Willis-Hadley-Lamb-Masters
Edgar Smith Family Hosier-Peterson-Robins
Goss-Dowland-Kinney-Carpenter-Washburn Wakeman-Simmons-Hazzard-Funk-Lafler
Barker Family Burlingame-Kingston-Smiley-Taylor
Cross (Thomas)-Bennett-Meachum Funk-Dillman-Yeider-Copeland
Moore-Pennell Naftzgar-Low-Sherrick-Raugh
Piper-McFarlin Schaefer-Fausnaugh-Sherrod
Wood-Baker-Button-Hurley Funk-Dillman-Snideman
Merriman-Holcomb Family (?) Funk Family - Unknown
Goss-Disbrow-Slaughter-Smith Hogmire-Langs Family
Hessey-Carpenter-Walmer Steinman-Grills-Southerby
Miller-Snyder-Robinson Hurlbut-Harvey-Wood-Hughes
Karr-Overton-Wood-Hurley-Ryan Wright-Lofts-Massey-Woodbine
Dillman-Funk Harvey-Frye
Harvey-Meabon-Eckler-Powell-Reams Nyman, Schweizer, Fausnaugh, Nyhart
Burlingame-Steinman-Grills Overton-Wood
Burlingame-Steinman-Grills-& Extended Families Hurlbut-Bewley-Durham
Unknown Photos Purchased on Ebay Thomas-Gorman-Hein-Seeley