Old Class Pictures


The old class pictures in this section are for the most part unidentified.  We know they were taken  in front of the old wooden schoolhouse, the old high school, the kindergarten building, and a couple of rural schools.  If you recognize anyone in these photos, we would really like to know so we can put a name and possibly a date with that picture.  If you have old class pictures like these and would like to post them on this site for identification, let us know and we will consider doing so. 


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Old Wooden Schoolhouse

1903 Brick Schoolhouse

Old Kindergarten Building

Country Schools

1922 Grade School - Panoramic

1922 High School - Panoramic

1925 Grade School - Panoramic

1925 High School - Panoramic

1927 High School - Panoramic

1927 Grade School - Panoramic

1930 High School - Panoramic

1930 Grade School - Panoramic


1933 High School - Panoramic