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We are not quite certain what is going on in the above two photos.  However, it appears the two gentlemen (unidentified) are eyeing some type of model airplane.  "The Comet" seems to be a child's toy ride.  The photo was taken in the yard to the south of Dr. Murphy's office (forground) where the Speedway is today.  That building is still standing with cement block walls and has been moved back from the road.  The building with the printing on the side in the top photo is Art Wakeman's shop where 5th3rd Bank stand today.  The house in the background across the street is where Dr. Herrman's dental office now stands.  To the right of that house is the block building where the Palmer Garage and Bert Lee's car dealership were located.  That building was constructed by William Broadwell in 1916.  These photos probably date to a time circa 1920. 


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