Standard Oil Co. constructed a warehouse to store fuel oil near the old Bangor blast furnace grounds and just east of the railroad tracks in 1890 (near the site of today's Freestone Pickles).  Eventually, Myron Stebbins became the agent and deliveryman for that company.  He also sold and repaired gas and oil stoves.  In 1907, Standard Oil moved their business to a new location just north of the Depot.  Decker, Beatie and Decker built a bulk fuel plant on Exchange Street just south of the Fruit Exchange in 1920.  They purchased fuel from Theisen-Clemons who made deliveries directly to the large tanks.  This is a photo of that storage plant.  In 1944, Theisen-Clemons moved this plant to a location on Arlington Street just west of the railroad tracks.  Today Weber Oil operates a bulk fuel plant at this same Arlington Street site.