Field Day was a very special day for towns to shine in the early 1900's.  High School track and field teams from the entire county gathered at a chosen community to prove their skills.  Most schools, including Bangor, did not have a track where they could host the events.  Consequently, the entire meet was held on the streets of town.  In Bangor, most of the short running events were held on Monroe Street.  The longer running events were held on the back streets of town.  People poured in from all over the county to watch their athletes compete.  It was an economic bonanza for a town to host the event.  In conjunction with the track meet, the county championship baseball game was also held to determine the king of the diamond.  In the above picture, a young athlete is ready to make his mark.  He could probably feel the breath of the fans as he ran by them.  In the background is the Sebring House Hotel at the northwest corner of Monroe Street and Railroad Street.  We have several photos from 1909 and 1910 showing track events on Monroe Street.  Get the upcoming book and see the show.