The lumber mill in Bangor was still active into the 1920s.  The above photo shows logs piled up to be sawn into boards.  Dorothy MacKellar Broadwell is the lady in black.  The other lady is unidentified.  Behind them and on the left are some dark buildings.  They are ice houses.  On the right edge, the end of the depot can be seen.  To the left of the depot, the somewhat flat roofed building is the Bangor Fruit Exchange.  The railroad tracks run between the depot and the fruit exchange.  Directly to the left of the fruit exchange is the Trim Creamery.  Behind the creamery is the roof of the pickle factory.  The building directly behind the two ladies is the Buyce packing house.  The building to the left of the packing house is the cider mill, which is the only building in this picture that is still standing today.  It is part of Freestone Pickle Company.  We have good photos of most of these businesses and they will be in the upcoming book.