The Bangor Packing Co. ran the cider mill in town until 1909 when representatives from Barrett & Barrett of Chicago made plans to build a new mill and purchased the building in this photo.  They bought a large quantity of lumber from Broadwell Lumber Co. and contracted C.M. Kline of Bangor as construction manager for the new mill to be completed by fall 1909.  The mill was located next to the pickle factory.  The building in the photo above was located next to the railroad tracks and to the west of the pickle factory.  Barrett & Barrett was plagued by vandals trying to tap into the cider vats.  In 1917, the company lost 30,000 gallons of cider when someone broke into the premises one night and opened a vat that ended up draining  into the Black River.  The company became discouraged and went out of business shortly after this incident.