You are looking down Railroad Street to the south from Monroe Street sometime during the mid-to-late 1920's.  On the right is the Corner Drug Store owned by Henry Karsten; today it's the Great Lakes Restaurant.  Ed Cable's barbershop is the small building directly behind the drugstore (the barber's pole can be seen on the electric pole); today the Reminder Shopping Guide is on this location.  The next store at one time was a pool hall.  The building with the porches was Fred Hahn's bakery and restaurant.  The next building on the northwest corner of Charles and Railroad Streets, but is not seen well, was moved there in the 1890's when Henry Harvey built the corner drugstore (right).  These buildings almost burned down in 1910, when a fire started on the second floor of the pool hall.  The little shanty next to the tracks in the foreground was placed there in 1904 to house a flagman to warn people of an oncoming train.  The three story building on the left was Levi DeHaven's "Big Store."  It was later purchased by Louis Moskowitz in the 1930's, and the third floor was removed.  Directly behind the Moskowitz building is the old Russell House Hotel.  Before it was torn down in the early 1960's, it was known as the Correa Building.