In 1916, Bangor underwent a construction boom.  Four major buildings were built in the downtown area.  The old Palmer Garage just east of today's dentist's office and part of what would later be Hardings parking lot, was torn down and replaced with a cement block building.  Work was done by W.M. Broadwell.  J.P. Livermore owned an old wood framed building where today's drugstore is located.  It was one of the oldest buildings on Monroe Street until he had it torn down and replaced with a brick faced store.  Fred Funk and Noah Steinman also tore down an old wood framed building and replaced it with a new brick faced store where Ely's Hardware is today.  The Odd Fellows gave $1000 toward that project to have the second floor for their lodge.  Bert Sherrod likewise, had his old wood framed store razed and replace with what is today's Antique Mall.  The store was devoted to his furniture and undertaking business.  The above photo shows work being done on Sherrod's building (Antique Store).