This is a sister photo to the one displayed here in September 2004 (see archives; 9-04), taken on the same day.  Supposedly the Railroad took the photo shortly after a train wreck sometime in the 1920's.  You are looking north down the railroad tracks from Charles St. toward Monroe St.  The west half of the Bangor Elevator can be seen to the right of the tracks in the background, and the old Texaco service station can be seen on the opposite side of the tracks.  The guard house can be seen to the left of the tracks in the middle of the photo.  It is hard to see, but there is a building in the far background between the guard house and the Texaco service station and actually to the north of the depot.  That is R.A. Buyce's packing warehouse.  His name is printed in very large letters on the roof of the building.