The above photo is a snapshot taken in front of the old Regent Theater (today it is where Chet Nichols is located) probably sometime in the late 1930's.  It is one of those pictures that captures a moment at a time when very few photos were taken.  The fire truck is the old REO that was restored and housed at the fire station in recent years.  Unfortuneately, it was sold.  The sign on the back is an advertising for a Fireman's Benefit Show.  It states that there is a double feature with "Night Alarm" and "Limehouse Blues".  That may be the names of a playing band.  The specific occasion is most likely lost to time.  The building to the left of the Theater is the jewelry store built by Alfred Clark in 1918.  His name is still above the door although Mr. Clark sold out in 1925.  Also, notice the concrete road.