If you are leaving Bangor on M-43 to the west, you will notice across from the bowling alley the remains of an old house.  At one time, this house was a real eye catcher.  It was built by John "Jack" James probably sometime in the early 1920.'s.  Mr. James made a name for himself by starting a string of motels in California at a time when car travel was not so prevalent.  He eventually made Chicago his home.  While looking for a retreat in the country, he found Bangor to be a community suitable to his needs.  Fifty-two acres were purchased west of Bangor and the above English Tudor home was constructed.  There was a large lawn with seating around many trees and a pond with a fountain.  After the death of Mr. James and his wife, the house was sold.  It was only briefly occupied and then left to the deteriorating hands of weather and time.