The above photograph was probably taken sometime in 1943 at the height of WWII.  One might be wondering what the connection to Bangor is in this picture of several heroes of that war.  Behind the men is a B-17 Flying Fortress.  The four men kneeling in the front are the officers.  The man kneeling on the left is Bangor's own Bob Dibble.  He graduated from Bangor High School in 1937.  He was trained as a bombardier, but could also pilot a plane.  On a training mission from Sioux City, Iowa, to Washington, D.C., Bob got permission to fly over his home town of Bangor.  In January of 1943, his plane circled town several times and was low enough for people to see him wave from a window as his plane flew along Monroe St.  Some accounts say that the plane flew so low over the High School that it was feared it might knock the bell tower off the school.  Later that year on a mission in Europe, he was wounded and his skills were needed to pilot the plane back to base.  He was awarded a Purple Heart for his wounds.  In August of 1943, while on another mission, Lt. Robert Dibble's plane was shot down with no survivors.