Under the guidance of a building committee headed by J.H. Nyman, N.S. Taylor and John Miller, the Northside Methodist Episcopal Church was built in 1869.  However, the Methodists were unable to meet their financial obligations and were forced to move out in 1870.  Interestingly, it was congregation member J.H. Nyman who held the note and foreclosed on the church.  Over the next 30 plus years, several other congregations would occupy the building.  The Black River German Baptist Church moved in briefly, shortly after the Methodists left.  Both the Church of God and the Disciples Church (later the Church of Christ) held services on alternating Sundays in the mid to late 1870's.  The Disciples moved out in 1881 when the Church of God purchased the building for a sum of $800.  It is believed the Church of God held services there until sometime after the turn of the century.  In 1907, they built a new meeting place on the corner of Morrison and Washington Streets.  The Bangor Advance stated in 1903 that D.K. Charles purchased the building and then in turn sold it to Adam Webb who was going to tear it down.  It is not clear exactly when it was razed.  The above photo was a postcard and written on the front was "Church of God - Bangor, Michigan" and the date December 25, 1906.