The Sebring House Hotel was torn down in the early 1920's.  Theisen-Clemens Co. had purchased the property and built Bangor's first gas and service station on the northwest corner of Monroe St. and Railroad St.  Clarence DeHaven was the manager.  This is a picture of the first station in a string of stations that still grace this prominent corner in town.  The roof at the right of the photo is what remained of the Hotel.  If you look close at the extreme left edge, a barbers pole can be seen.  There were three little shops to the west of the station believed to have been constructed of materials from the old hotel.  A barber shop, a cigar store and another shop were a part of this wing.  When this station was torn down, these three shops, all intact,  were moved across the street by Frank Jacobs and placed where the Bangor Cooperative Store had burned down earlier and Earls Coin and Jewelry stands today.  If you catch the book, you can see a complete picture of the station.