B.H.S. Graduating Class of 1919

Only Loren Fausnaugh and Clarence Hamilton are identified in this photo.  We have the names of the class of 1919, but cannot put the names with the faces.  If you could help us we would appreciate it. 


Hazel Bickwell, Irene Hallz (?), Cleo Sutherby, Eula Lang, Amy Palmer, Franklyn Tolles, Lola Pike, Myrlin Hahmenstien, Ida Bressler, Eulene Trimm, Lillian Swanson, Lucille Waller, Lucille McNitt, Thera Lee, Tracia Cushman, Kenneth Bickwell, Cecil Leaver, Idah Naftzger. Eva Valentine, Elmo Hahn, Lee Charles, Loren Fausnaugh, Morris Sherrod, Richard Nyman, Vivian Hale, Clarence Hamilton. 


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