The above photo is of the Bangor High School graduating class of 1906.  There were 10 graduates.  The four individuals in the middle of the top row are most likely teachers and/or advisors.  Edson V. Root is the gentleman top middle left.  Orrin Cross is at the far right.  Harry Mauk is at the far left.  Arthur Wakeman is third from the left on the bottom, Helen Chapman is to Arthur's right, and Marion Bosier is third from the right on the bottom.  The ladies are unidentified, but their names are listed below. 


Bangor High School Graduates Class of 1906: Marion  Bosier, Helen Chapman, Jennie Charles, Orrin Cross, Mae Dobson, Harry Mauk, Vera Nyman, Hazel Stedman, Erma Taylor, and Arthur Wakeman.