The above photo is of the Bangor High School senior class of 1904.  High school records state there were 22 graduates for that year; 11 ladies and 11 gentlemen.  This photo shows 25 people.  E.V. Root is the man in the back in the middle of the two front doors.  To the left of him is most likely another teacher.  There are 11 gentlemen grads shown.  Of the 12 ladies shown, either one is a teacher or one of the ladies did not receive a diploma.  There are no names to go with the faces above, but the names of those receiving diplomas for that year are printed below. 


Marie J. Grant, Walter E. Wilcox, Ray E. Pitcher, Mary E. Seebeck, Florence T. Hogmire, Ralph Murphy, Grace Reams, Paul Williams, Alice L. Guest, Edward Kraiger, Mae Lynch, Frank Allen, Lois G. Bishop, Arabella Walker, Marvin Monk, Marion Balfour, Bela G. Kennedy, Bonnie Adams, LeRoy Hill, Clair B. Goss, Myrth Burger, Bessie Penoyar.